EFA Form Schedule 13D/G Online Workstation

A Modernized Schedule 13D and 13G Self-service Filing Tool

EDGAR Filing Agent, a division of Electronic Publishing Services, Inc., is implementing the SEC’s XML technical specification for Schedule 13D/G with an online self-service filing system we call the Schedule 13D/G Online Workstation (SC13OLWS). We’ve done all the hard work. You simply fill out the form on your computer or mobile device and then submit it directly to the SEC from this site.

From the SC13OLWS you can file 13Ds/13Gs and save them for future reference, re-use or amendment. You are also able to file forms for multiple entities!

Features of our system

  • Simple, do-it-yourself method of filing your SEC Schedule 13D and 13G forms.
  • Test and live file your forms to the SEC directly from our Online Workstation; receive and review filing notifications immediately.
  • Save forms for future re-use or amendment.

If you would be interested in seeing an online demo of our system, give us a call. We will be happy to demonstrate our online filing tool.